Help me out with terrarium ideas!


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May 31, 2010
Hey guys...I'm getting a good list of Ts in the next week (hopefully!) and am thinking about good ways to save money on homes while still getting them plenty of space.

Heres a list of what I'm getting

4 C cyaneopubescens. 2 adult females, 1 mature male and 1 penultimate male

2 A versicolor. 1 MF and 1 MM

4 G pulchras. 2 MF, 1 penultimate male, and one male that's hopefully 2 molts off of being mature.

1 P irminia. And hopefully some other great freebies. now you know what I'm getting, so lets get a list of ideas going.

I have a bookshelf that holds 10g tanks sideways, and I have one empty 10 gallon (it holds them they lay lengthwise on the "front" of the tank, with the opening facing out towards me) and could get 5 more tanks, and then separate them with acrylic and a sealant. I've thought about critter keepers and 5 gallon tanks, but they seem to be more expensive. I can get the 10g tanks for 10 dollars a piece, so with that plus money for acrylic and soil I would probably come out with homes for all these guys for under 200.

What do you guys think? Any other suggestions or places you've seen equivalents that may work out, or any other tips?


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Jan 31, 2010
Go to Wal-Mart or Target or any store like that and check out the sterilite. You can get plenty of space for your arboreals and terrestrials. And I guarantee you will find all of your new Ts setups and not spend more than 80 dollars.

Don't split the tanks with acrylic, that is generally a bad idea, and by going with sterilite, you will save the money you'd spend on acrylic.

So if you go that route, all you will have to pay for will be substrate and sterilite containers and you WILL save money.


Jan 30, 2010
My advice on split ten gallon tanks.

If you want something that looks nice go with the original idea you had. Take a ten gallon and split it into 3rds with 50X strength plexi.

Make a plexi lid that can be opened with a vent for each chamber. Put 3" plexi to hold the sub in and make the lid the rest of the space. Use a couple hinges for the lid. You want to make sure you get the 50X 1/8th plexi not the 10X stuff that warps. It will cost 26$ for a 24" by 48" sheet of mid grade plexi. That will make you 4 dividers and 1 lid for 2 ten gallon tanks. So you will have to buy a second sheet for the second 20" by 12" lid. I bought all of my supplies at lowes.

So 52$ on plexi if you buy 2 sheets and 20 bucks on 2 ten gallons and 7$ on clear 1 hour silicone. Plus 5 bucks for some trivial hinges. Vents are a bit expensive so you would have to order them. You could always drill holes around the edges for ventilation.

You could do four cages without the lid with a 24" by 48" plexi for 26$ and 7$ on silicone. Thats pretty cheap.

So total cost for 6 enclosures would be around 85$ plus any other tools you will need. Sand paper, Razor knife, Straight edge, caulk gun, bandaides.. Neosporine, ect. BEST PART: You will have full clear view of your tarantulas!! Just make sure your lid can be secured correctly to prevent escapes. The reason people dont recommend splitting tanks is because most people are lazy and do a half ass job and the T escapes. Heres my setup pending the lid idea. Can be used aboreal and terrestrial.