Help choosing a Fossorial/O.B. companion

cold blood

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Jan 19, 2014
The tarantula has arrived. It is a female E. cyanognathus and has an approximate legspan of 2.5 inches.

The packaging she arrived in could have been mistaken for a tarantula space shuttle. Very nice.

At first she was unresponsive to anything except a light breeze, which worried me somewhat because today is warmer than usual. But after she sat on her moss for a while, she became mobile. Either she is very tired (expectedly) or she is the least skittish tarantula I have seen. The response she gave me when I attempted to move her with a moist paper towel was more unperturbed than lethargic, and given a few minutes alone, she found her starting burrow I had made and positioned herself with her front legs at the entrance. View attachment 234229

It has been almost four hours since she got here. She only spent about half an hour in the pre-made burrow, it seems she prefers the moss so far. She has already christened her home by defecating on the lid. She must have shot it up there, because I haven't seen her climb yet.

Since the last picture I have added two-three inches of substrate.
The isopod and springtail delivery was delayed until next week.
Great pic! It really shows off a beautiful t.