Heat Tape and Heating Questions


Oct 15, 2010
Hey, I have some questions about heating. Here's what I got to work with:

1. I have those huge plastic semi clear tubs from Walmart. They're lighter and cheaper $11~) 12hx16dx28L
2. I cannot heat my whole room, I have my computer in there that I work on and I actually need the room as cool as possible and also not have too much light cause it glares the screen.

I'm using cobra heat mats and I'm thinking of the following alternatives and would aim for efficiency in terms of heat versus cost.

I only have 3 hets and 3 emps so far (hets have a big tub but emps not yet, but thinking ahead), but am thinking of getting maybe just a little more. My problem atm is how I'm keeping them warm. So far the removable heat mats don't create enough heat in the container. The colder it gets, the less heat they create. I insulate all heating mats with foam and other materials.

So I'm looking for a better alternative that won't melt my tubs and burn the critters AND I can leave it on 24x7

So far I'm looking into:

1. 25watt red light bulb.
2. Heat tape (thinking they're better than the mats, was also thinking of taping them to another surface so I can move them around.
3. Zoo Med ceramic heater positioned inside, but not sure where to point it.... I've also had a few and they always end up breaking so maybe not.

Any thoughts on what would be better?
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Feb 3, 2011
If i were you i'd stick to the heat tape. i am currently using those to use on my roach bins and it keeps them nice and warm! the only downside is that you will have to buy a thermostat to go with them because they will reach 120 degrees if not controlled which can burn the bins or start fires. that's the only downside and buying one from that site is about 50 dollars. also use aluminum foil, this is helpful and won't melt under heat


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Aug 30, 2012
I use a heat lamp with dimmer switch by zoomed, and a cermatic IR heat emitter. Keeping my young emperor scorpion at 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the day, and 75 at night.