Has anyone achived communal setup with P.metallica


Apr 15, 2016
I've raised many species of Poecilotheria with little or no problems, despite what Rick has beaten into everyone's head on these boards lol. I do like to separate adults that are full grown, but I've had them live together with little incident as well. I'm even experimenting with P. ornata now, since everyone says that it cant be done with that species.

I've had a ridiculous difference in growth rate with all my Poeciltotehria kept in the same communal. It still never caused a issue, I just had large spiders living with small spiders. They big ones didn't attack the smaller ones.

Did you do any research before trying ? It's pretty well known that smaller cages are the way to go. The info is out there.

This pics is old and I sold a bunch of them off, but 6-8 of them are still together. They hatched 2.5 years ago and have been together since day one.

Later, Tom
How very cool!!!!!!!

Ryan Reynolds

Sep 4, 2016
I have two P. metallica slings that I got in February, and they were about a month old already. I have seen tons of communal setups on youtube, but I assumed that those spiders were with each other since birth, where as mine have been separated from birth (although they were from the same sac). So it's possible for P. metallicas to live together if they start together but how risky would it be to introduce my two slings together now?


Bipolar Spider

Jul 18, 2013
Not a good idea, friend of mine against my advice tried that. To be fair they did last longer than a I thought, 10 mins and that was it. It's almost impossible trying to separate two slings when fighting. These were from the same sac and were separated for about a week iirc