Haplopelma lividum bite


Aug 1, 2002
Haplopelma bite

Ooohhh - ouch, I hate to hear that. My cobalt blue is at or near that size, about 18 months old. I've handled her as a sling - but very little, as these guys are super nervous. Just recently, she's started showing some real aggression - the whole point of it is, though, they can be as calm as ever, then BAMM, they bolt. It sounded oddly familiar when you wrote 'bit me so many times', because that is just what Todd Gearhardt said, "they'll bite you a couple of times before you know it." With THAT being said, I can't imagine applying super glue to an open wound on a spider, that's naturally pissed off to begin with. I liken this, in some regards, to assisting a hurt dog - though your intentions are good, a dog will bite you if you are not VERY careful how you help. I know it is difficult to watch any animal in pain. Maybe you should try using a super long Q-tip or the like when you need to patch up a cobalt blue tarantula. Did you take any venom? I've heard these guys have venom that has little, or none, known research. Also, it seems that if you received any significant venom, your side-effects, would be longer-lived - there possibly would have been some secondary sensation, pain, or cramping - it seems, possibly over days. No doubt, you must be lucky, blessed, or both. Good Luck. :)


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Jul 16, 2002
The above post was directed at Raveness' bite report. It was moved here as the bite report forum is only for bite reports.