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Haplopelma Hainanum

Discussion in 'Bite Reports' started by SuzukiSwift, May 13, 2014.

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    It seems I have the honour of posting the first bite report for this species -_-

    I ordered a 6-7" female specimen and she arrived just last night, stunningly beautiful T! And the chunkiness of the legs is amazing. I removed her from the packaging using a paintbrush and tweezers for the tissue but she was very limp the entire time, I was worried she might be sick or even dead. I dropped water in front of her and some drops on her front legs but she didn't respond.

    Following this I STUPIDLY touched one of her back legs with my finger :bruised: she then sprang to life and whipped around striking, I'm very lucky that I pulled my hand away quick enough to avoid a serious bite however she did graze my hand with one of her fangs. I started feeling pain in my arm and had a few heart palpitations, my neck also felt very sore and stiff, however after about 30 minutes to an hour the symptoms went away and I thought it was all over. Unfortunately shortly afterwards I started puking and this has gone on until now, almost 24 hours later. I have nothing left to throw up but I am still getting puking reflexes.

    Never get bitten by this species, I was lucky but I shudder to think how I would be right now if she'd given me a proper bite because I feel terrible and nauseous from a near miss

    I touched her leg with the full knowledge of what this species venom can do, I got off extremely lucky, the mere fact I threw up for a day and had heart palpitations from a single fang graze shows just how powerful the venom is, this species demands respect.
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  2. Update: My nausea ended at about 6pm last night, so just under 24 hours. I am still having digestive pains now but they are receding, all symptoms should be gone by morning, so all up about 36 hours
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