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Hapalopus sp Colombia Small


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Mar 30, 2008
Hapalopus sp Colombia Small

Success!!! Very excited as this breeding was much different than the Hapalopus sp Colombia Large and further added to the unique differences than the obvious size, coloration, and pattern.

Successful Breeding : Took place on approximatly 12-10-2011 Sac made 1-10-2012

Breeding: Female and Male were introduced and the male entered the enclosure tapping and eager to breed. He aggressively sought out the female tapped on her abdominal area, she turned around hesitantly, backed up, and then let him insert. The insertion was quick and the female backed away and then came after the male. The male litterally ran circles around the enclosue avoiding her until I was able to bring him out to safety. In addition to the breeding differences my female buried her egg sack deep in the substrate (around 4 inches) unlike my Large that webbed the side of the enclosure and laid her egg sac shallow in the substrate. At 28 days of incubation the sac looked great, full, and I opened the sac to find close to 100 first Instar slings :D

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