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Hans Werner-Auer (http://www.vogelspinnenzucht.de/)


Old Timer
Jul 27, 2006
Hans Werner-Auer (http://www.vogelspinnenzucht.de/)

Time to put some review about Hans (as no else has put any?).
I can´t remember how many times i have ordered from him but i do remember that everytime it has been very good for me. Very nice animals, excellent service and i definitely will order many times from him in the future (atm i am ordering more from him {D). Everything i have ordered has been what he said it would be, no complaints about sizes or such and once again the service has been superb along with the inverts i have got.

Based on my own experience i can recommend him to european buyers.
Only negative thing i can think of is that i should have started to order from him sooner :? :)

Thx Hans, will do much business in the future!