Hadrurus spadix scorpling question


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May 2, 2006
image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Greetings everyone,

I did a search and could not find this answered specifically. I've collected some wild spadix recently and all are sub adult except for one. While the others are 3.5 to 4.5 inches, (or around that) I have one that is about half to 1/3 that size. The smaller one has the exact same coloration as the sub-adults/adults. It is also similar in body shape, and has the same stout body as the others.

While collecting I also caught several much smaller scorps that were only about .5 to 1 inch long when measured with tails straight back and flat on the ground. These were all collected in the same area but are all a more pale uniform color with no black, so I'm curious if anyone with more H.spadix experience can tell me what instar or roughly what size they get the black body color. The tiny ones can't be H.arizonensis because I'm and far too north of their range.

I found a this thread with very young spadix, and the color looks about right, but im having trouble judging size to compare them with my smaller mystery scorps.

It's likely I'm dealing with two different species, the large spadix, and the others may just be sub adults or adults at the 1.5in mark of a much smaller species. I just figured it couldn't hurt to ask here.

Thanks in advance, I edited the post once I got home, the pics of the scorps in the standard wide mouth mason jars (hope that helps with juding scale) are the smaller ones mentioned I'm starting to think are a Paruroctonus species. (Two different specimens photographed)

The sub adult spadix I also included just for fun.

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