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Hadogenes paudicens

G. Carnell

Old Timer
Oct 27, 2003
i just got stung by an immature Hadogenes paudicens, while i poked him, as i was seeing if he was alive :8o

the pain was insignificant, less than euscorpius, and less painful than a normal ant BITE (no venom)
the itching which lasted 2-3 minutes was more irritating than the actual sting
on a scale of 1-10 must be 0.5

the weakest sting i have ever experienced


May 15, 2005
I had a problem with it, Stung by a Ornery juvenile who wasn't typically agitated and I didn't see it coming.. quick poke, small reaction.. a bit of the burning similar to P. Imperator.. but the strangest thing, I had a fever for the week after it, apparently I'm allergic to it.. which is really sad, I had my hopes on purchasing that Flat Rock.
The Irony?
I have absolutely no reaction to a P. Imperator sting other than a burning that only lasts a few minutes, if it even occurs at all, Although I don't irritate my adults.. the young I handle love to sting and I let them, it happens.


Old Timer
May 2, 2005
Yup, it was bound to happen

While trying to move my adult female so I could place her rock back in without squishing her, i got a tad overzealous. I tried to pick her up because she was being uncooperative and lo and behold, that wimpy little tail smaked me right on the inside of my right index finger. The initial pain was just like somone stuck me with a thumbtack. It itched for about a minute after then nothing. All that is left is a slight red mark, and this was about 10 minutes ago. At least I picked this species for my first, and hopefully last envenomation.

Mr. Mordax

Old Timer
Oct 22, 2006
My first sting ever. Exactly like Hedora's sting -- I tailed an adult female during moving and she managed to get my right index finger.

The initial pain was just a "prick" sensation, and me wondering if I'd actually gotten tagged. It later rose to a dull, slightly throbbing, but almost non-existant pain. A few minutes later and it was slightly numb-feeling.

It's been about ten minutes and my finger feels a little irritated, like I poked it on a blackberry bush several hours ago.

I'd post a picture, except the sting was so minor I can't even see the sting site.

Update: It's been around an hour, and I can't really feel any more effects of the sting.
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Earthworm Soul

Old Timer
Aug 11, 2007

i was drunk, got stung by an immature female, by the time i stumbled to my room 5 minutes later, i had forgotten which finger got stung.

no swelling, no bump, no nothing.