H lividum molt


Dec 22, 2010
well i had a nice suprise this afternoon. went to my T room, as always my dog came in there all excited jumping around before i got the chance to calm him down.when that happened i noticed my lividum jet into its burrow. thought id check it out, and sure enough a fresh molt sitting on the top of the burrow...but with a catch, one of the back legs was stuck and detached. so im not sure if this happened during molting earlier, or if my dog spooked him and he detached to run for cover. so i lured it out of the burrow and tried to check it out. as far as i could tell it was sealed and there was no leakage..but im still a bit concerned. its 2.5"+ now, and now has started to get adult coloration...but im so bummed about the leg, i know it will regen but i just hope i didnt miss any leakage :?