Guess I'm Still A Newbie


Oct 12, 2010
Hey, everyone. I just recieved news that I don't know half as much about Ts as I thought I did, courtesy of one of my female Rosies. Last night I saw her laying almost motionless, face down in her enclosure. She hardly responded when i nudged her with my paintbrush. Naturally, panic mode set in and I just about broke the sound barrier getting her into an ICU tank.
I went to bed, fully expecting her to be in a death curl when I got up.....
So you can imagine my suprise when I awoke to find a larger and more colourful T in her place :eek:. I didn't notice any apparent signs of premolt. The bald patch on her abdomen wasn't any darker than usual. She hadn't eaten in a while, but I had chalked that up to her going on another of her fasts. And she didn't seem any more defensive than usual.
Was there anything that I missed that might have told me that she was in premolt? I feel bad for moving her into the ICU now that I know what was happening, because I could have injured or killed her in the process, and I want to avoid that again in the future.
Thanks in advance for any advice that you guys can share to this newbie:eek:


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Apr 16, 2006
I wouldn't feel to badly. Upright molts can sometimes be hard to determine if you don't have much more to go on then just a couple of missed feedings with an adult. Slings on the other hand seem to molt a bit more out of the blue.

Midknight xrs

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May 25, 2010
One sign that i have noticed with all of my slings is that i will stop feeding them, but their abdomen is increaseing in size. I've also notice a weird, almost disconnected kind of walk. The first molt is always the weirdest since you're just lost and not sure what will happen.