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Grosphus limbatus


Old Timer
Mar 23, 2003
Grosphus limbatus Sting report.

Yesterday, at 4pm I was stung on the index finger of my right hand by an adult male, Grosphus limbatus. This is a small species, measuring approximately 1 inch in length.

Initially, the pain was confined to the local area. An intense throbbing, burning sensation right at the tip of my finger. It was exactly the same feeling you get if you slam your fingers in a car door, except nothing seemed to relieve the pain. After 5 minutes I was aware of a shooting pain just below my elbow. It grew in intensity, not quite cramp, but very uncomfortable.
After 10 minutes, the same feeling had spread to my upper arm. The pain at the tip of my finger had not subsided at all. After 20 minutes I started to get concerned as the shooting pain was now in the right half of my chest. It was the same pain you get when you’ve had a long run, when you feel your chest is tight.

Things remained the same for the rest of the day, and I was left with a brand new respect for Buthids. Today all the symptoms have disappeared, but I have a slight pins and needles feeling at the site of the sting.