greenbottle blue fangs stuck in molt


Mar 24, 2017
I'm so sorry for your loss. I just read this because my OBT got stuck in her molt and I had to extract her about 10 minutes ago. I let it go too long before acting though, as her fangs are not aligned properly and the legs on the side that was stuck are deformed. Only 3 of her legs on one side are functional, so I'm pretty positive at this point she is doomed. :'( It's very sad to see something so helpless.
I'd think crooked fangs are better than no fangs. Same with legs. Its very possible that with a good bit of hard work your OBT could pull through! I have no idea what that hard work would be like, but hopefully someone with more experience sees this thread revived and suggests something. Or you could make your own asking how to care for a severely crippled t. Could be good info for a newbie like myself.


Mar 13, 2017
Daylitor Knight had a brachypelma that had to have six of its legs removed after getting stuck in a molt. It pulled through. So I say try to help it. Hope for the best but prep for the worst..