Great Start to Halloween!


Oct 19, 2016
Great time for an update, yeah?

Halloween has always been my favorite time of year and now it's made even better! I just came home from work to find that my new A. avicularia, Arachnia, has finally started building her webby lair! I'm so happy, 'cause she's my first tarantula and I'm such an anxious spider-parent. Even when it's clear that I have nothing to worry about. She eats well when I hand her food and she comes down to drink from the bowl (I never actually SEEN her drink but her little footie-prints shows it all!). She's very calm, unfazed even when I open the enclosure to refill the water bowl, and she even gave me the honor of watching her groom. So cute!

Now that she's started building her nest, I can rest assured that she's doing great. I'll leave her to it, and won't disturb her while it's under construction. What an amazing start to such an awesome holiday. :)


Old Timer
Dec 8, 2006
Avics are great species that don't tolerate husbandry errors well, they usually die as a result.

As an owner of several Avics I can tell you that not all Avics will drink from a bowl. Also, seeing foot prints doesn't prove your T has drank from the bowl. Just like seeing your car with smashed in front end doesn't mean you were the one driving it.

Just keep a watchful eye on their abdomen.



Oct 25, 2014
Yea to piggy back on what viper said IMO it's not a bad idea to put a drop of water on your ts web once a week or so.. Almost everytime I do my versi especially sucks it right up.. She's around 4 inches and I leave her a dime size drop every week or so..

The fact that your avic is starting to web is a very good sign though.. I hope she settles in well for you man!