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Grammostola iheringi


Old Timer
Sep 12, 2005
10/03/07 - my friend just got the couple and asked me to help him to breed them

12/03/07 - I put the male in a shark cage with the female in a bigger enclosure (1m x 40cm x 40cm)

15/03/07 - Female starts to eat. I feed her well in the next days shes eating 2 roachs per day

24/03/07 - I put a little piece of the females ground web into the males cage

25/03/07 -male is drumming

26/03/07 - female is drumming

- I put them together and gently lead the male towards the female.
- The males goes directly to the female but the female is pissed.
- The male gets at least one good insertion.

I will try again in 5 days

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