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Grammostola Aureostriata ?s

Discussion in 'Tarantula Questions & Discussions' started by Quickone4u, Nov 3, 2008.

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    G. Aureos are just so adorable! My first T is was G. Aureo so ... I love them! Mine is just a little angel(not so little anymore). Seems like every aureostriata has/his own character cause mine is nothing like any of the aureos described so far - shes a pig,never leaves anything eatable not be eaten except when in premolt.She doesnt seem to dig at all,or redecorate in fact.Has never wedded or toppled her water dish.Shes a climber though.Never used a hide.Totally handible and doesnt flick hairs at all! And soooo beautiful. She doesnt seem to get along with plants though(although that might be entirely my foult :? ) - Ive tried twice to plant something alive in her enclosure,first time it died because of the lack of light.Now is seems that the second attempt isnt going so well too,but there is still hope.
    As everyone has said so far - you cant go wrong with aureos!
  2. Dang Now I want one even more. I hope they have some at the show this weekend in Indy. are any other T people going this weekend?
  3. Quickone4u

    Quickone4u Arachnosquire

    Well, I can't wait, I ordered a female last night from Kenthebugguy! She shoulde ship out within the next day if not today and be home by the weekend. I'll be setting her terrarium up tommorow night. I already have everything I need,I'm just waiting for the substrate to dry out thoroughly. Did I mention I'm excited? ha! I'll get some pictures posted as soon as I can. Thanks again to all who provided info. :D
  4. unitard311

    unitard311 Arachnoknight

    i snagged a sling of this type a few weeks ago at the reptile expo. he is a tiny little guy, bout the size of a quarter. he lets me pick him up and seems content to sit. he has dug out and excavated his quarters though. i can't wait for him to grow. for now he is named lil' bill until i can sex him. i enjoy him a lot.
  5. Tapahtyn

    Tapahtyn Arachnobaron Old Timer

    mine is only an inch long and he's doing that in his deli cup, it's cute
  6. Buckshot

    Buckshot Arachnosquire

    It sounds good. :}
    I´ve just bought a 5yo Chaco.
    I haven´t got her yet though.
    I forgot to ask how big she is.
    How big is a 5yo Chaco supposed to be?
  7. Quickone4u

    Quickone4u Arachnosquire

    Did I mention I'm excited?!!!:} Kenthebugguy said she should be shipping out Wednesday and that she is nice and fat. Man I'm looking foward to her getting here and to placing her into her new home. From what I've read, they're supposed to get up to about the 7-8" range. Does that sound about right to those who have the experience? Now time for the good'ol waiting game, tick tock tick tock, lol! It's gona drive me nuts{D
  8. KenTheBugGuy

    KenTheBugGuy Arachnodemon


    Well she is actually almost that range really...I undersize a little sometimes cause I don't want anyone to think thier T is smaller than I said. We packed her well I just really worry cause she has a really big abdomen do let me know when she gets there.
  9. Quickone4u

    Quickone4u Arachnosquire

    Man that's awesome!!! I am really excited about receiving this T and did I mention that I can't wait untill she gets here? lol! I will surely let you know as soon as I receive her. Thank you again so much. Now I just hope everything goes well in the shipping process and that our post office doesn't screw anything to do with the delivery up.
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