Gramastola rosea


Nov 19, 2010
so a few weeks back i posted a topic here saying my rose had escaped.. well luckily she turned up and i feel ridiculously stupid :wall::wall::wall:

i knew it all along but it was way to obvious and at the same time would of bet my right leg she wouldn't be where i found her...

so after a week of looking i gave up released crickets in my room hoping to lure her out and put a few wet towels around my room in hopes of also luring her out, well after all my failed attempts i took every ones advise and waited it out in hopes we would bump into each other some how.
well just last weekend my dad and my sisters and me where cleaning up the back yard(i should mention my room is half of a garage really awesome room ;P ) and in front of are garage my dad has a busted down car but not like old rusted, any ways so around the whole car there was water and under the car was all greasy and what not... well we decide to push the car out and sure enough my rose darts out and suddenly stops realizing it made a mistake hahahaha. shes back in my care and has much new safer cage and she seems more active now
o___o its like she had a Vietnam stress syndrome of some sort she has flashes of like living under the freaking car and gets a bit aggressive shes not the old sweet heart she yous to be hahaha
but its good to have her back :)

and in conclusion i am glad i dint bet my right leg.