Got invaded by ants...


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Dec 24, 2019
So I just moved into a new place and I now keep my t’s in a garage. This wasn’t my ideal place to have them but at the moment my fiancé and I are living with her mom and it’s what her mom was most comfortable with. We don’t keep anything heavy duty chemical wise in there and it seems to stay at a decent temp throughout the whole day and night. Well it has been pretty hot here the last few days which brought a parade of ants into the garage right where all my enclosures are set up. Not an insane amount but enough to send me into a “fix it NOW” mode and clear the area where my t’s were at. I’ve never had this issue since being in the hobby but I do know this isn’t something to play around with. I triple checked all the enclosures and found that one of my t’s had a few ants in there which I took care off right away. After making sure my t’s were safely away I used insect killer spray on the area and cleaned up with paper towels. When would it be safe for me to put all the spiders back where they were? And how can I avoid a mishap like this in the future?