Got a Bearded Dragon a few days ago :)


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Jul 27, 2006
I came across a fifty gallon tank at the thrift store a few weeks back for 20 bucks. so of course i grabbed that. after a little consideration and some good timing at the pet shop i got a bearded dragon. its still pretty small maybe a little over 6-7 inches from head to tip of tail. i've got it in a smaller section of the tank with a nice 100w basking light and temps of aruond 100-110 in the hottest areas. also a uvb bulb for good measure. give itample crickets and veggies daily. i;d like some feedback if anyone has experience with beardies. if i'm missing anything let me know. :) i;ll post a few pics so you guys can check em out.

nobody told me how hilarioius they act either :p

Mushroom Spore

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Oct 14, 2005
The only thing I can think of is, can you list what veggies specifically? Some are good, some not so good, and same goes for "what's on the bottom of the tank." Especially if it's a baby, you do not want to be using sand of any sort, lest it join the ranks of those dead with sand in the gut. :eek:

And yes, pictures! Immediately! The masses must be placated with babies.