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good emperor scorpion setup?

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by dazbuzz, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    is this setup good?

    45x45x45cm exo terra terrarium
    11"x11" heat mat (under the substrate)
    2 cork bark hides (i'm getting more)
    1 corner of jungle substrate and rest is wood chip
    water dish
    all for 2 small emperor scorpions i got a week ago

    also there is some white stuff on the bark and dish what is it?

    here is a bad pic of em
  2. EAD063

    EAD063 Arachnoprince

    You need peat moss or non-chemically treated soil rather than bark chips... the heat needs to go on the side rather than the bottom and 2 hides if enough but if you want to decorate more thats fine also..... I'd buy a digital temp/humidity guage, or a probing thermometer that you can insert into the substrate. Temps should be betweem 75-85 and humidity the same. You should also consider a false bottom setup to assist you in keeping the humidity levels correct. The white stuff is most likely poo. You can actually see they're anal opening in the tissue between the last segment of the tail and the metamosa you'll most likely see them rubbing that on your cork, the water dish, the side of the tank, anywhere hard surfaced. Don't be alarmed though they don't poo everywhere and not nearly as often as relptiles and mammals.


    Also I highly suggest you read this http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=11336 .
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2007
  3. EAD063

    EAD063 Arachnoprince

    By the way, welcome to the hobby. When you are comfortable enough use the classifieds section and you'll find all kinds of scorps, mostly ones you will NEVER come across in a pet store. Again, welcome.

  4. sounds like Ed gotcha covered there.. just follow the directions and you should be on your way to happy healthy emps in no time! and again... welcome to the hobby :D
  5. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    ok thanks ead063 lets hope my scorpions have a long stressfree life.
  6. Selenops

    Selenops Arachnoangel

    Definitely put the heat pad on the side or backside.

    You can also try expandable bricks of coconut, though I am not sure how well it holds burrows with a invert that doesn't produces silk. But in that case, I guess you could provide them a piece of bark or wood available in pet stores to build a scrape/burrow beneath.
  7. IMO I would use the search option, but I've found that a lot of enclosure setups dont mention. Make sure you have a lid for the enclosure to increase humidity.
  8. I use the expandable bricks of coco-fiber from eco-earth and have burrowing scorps that like it very much. My juvenile red claws Pandinus cavimanus are burrowing fools. :cool:

    The false bottom setup is the way to go I'm currently using that on all but 1 of my tanks and the humidity is excellent. (I'll change that 1 as soon as she pops) :p

    Regards Thaedion
  9. where did you get them from? Is that one that is fully visible an emperor? its 'claws' look too long and not fat? Just wondering.

    Looking forward to more and 'clearer' pics. {D
  10. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    i also am worried they are not emperors but there is nothing i can do to find out forest or emperors you decide. are there any sites that can instruct me on setting up a false bottom tank? i have hear this setup works very well for humidity.
  11. EAD063

    EAD063 Arachnoprince

    A picture, specifically of the pediplaps, caprice and metamosa will do. For false bottom use a few inches of aquarium gravel, and take a plastic tube and fill peat around it... thus allowing you to fill the rock layer with water after you've covered it all with the substrate.
  12. yeah the false bottom is easy :) I personally vote for the coco fibre. also your scorps do need clearer pics for an ID I can see they have elongated claws and white telsons from those ones.. but that isnt enough. try to borrow a camera and get some clear pics and then we can have it figured out PDQ :D
  13. Below is a thread stared by G. Carnell to ID common Heterometrus. It's a good thread.


    If you search this forum for false bottom it'll show alot of info, here is what I found works very well:

    In my tank I -

    first put a layer (2-5cm or 1-2" deep) of aquarium gravel (some use small gravel 2mm or .075" or such) I use large gravel 2cm or .75" so the burrowers don't pull up the stones.

    Some use a screen to seperate the substrate from the gravel so the scorps don't pull up gravel, I don't find it necessary. That is why I use the larger gravel.

    Second put some sort of tube vertically into the gravel. I use an undergravel filter tube for fish tanks. (I close the top with a screen, and the part that goes into the gravel has grating already on it) Just make sure your scorpion won't get into the tube.

    Third Go ahead and fill the bottom with water as deep as your gravel, put your substrate on top of the gravel (10-12cm or 4-5" deep) and 'tamp' down firm (I use coco fiber from eco earth). Then decorate as desired.

    Note I use some large rocks in my tanks, I put those in after the gravel so they rest on the gravel and don't have a risk of dropping from burrowing underneath. Just rest anything large you put in on the bottom of the tank. :p

    here are a few pictures:
  14. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    tried to get a better pic but bad quality and i don't wanna stress out the scorps too much.

    also when i was looking in the viv i saw some stuff on the cork bark it's starting to turn bule/green so i would asume it's mould so i have removed it.o well at least my scorpions luv each other or there would be a big fight.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2007
  15. Brian S

    Brian S ArachnoGod Old Timer

    For one that small I would keep in a plastic show box. An Exo Terra is a large tank for such a small scorp IMO
  16. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    i'm trying to feed them atm but they won't take the crickets even if i put em right up next to their pincers. the last time they ate was about 5-6 days ago.
  17. Not to worry a quick search of the forum would yield a plethora of posts 'my scorpion won't eat'. IME mine have fasted for the last month and a half, most have begun to eat but some still refuse.

    They go off of instinct and will/should eat when hungry.

    Best to you, Thaedion.
  18. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    well i can't get a good pic but this scorpion looks just like em but mine are smaller. this is a pic from rangus holding his/hers emperor scorpion: catsntokays056.jpg

    also can i get eco-earth in england? i havn't seen it around.i mean the substrate stuff.
  19. okay to me that does look like an emperor. Your original pics might have just been an optical illusion to me. I look first to the 'pincers' if they are 'bulberous' like this pic that is a good start.

    You just need to look for a Expandable Substrates, made of coco fiber.
    here is a UK link
  20. dazbuzz

    dazbuzz Arachnosquire

    ggrrrrrrrrrrraaaa! these stupid crickets keep hiding in the bark where my scorpions are. i can't sleep till i get em out. :evil:
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