God help us there's wildife in the city!

Louise E. Rothstein

Old Timer
Feb 10, 2005
God help us there's wildlife in the city!

Some people claim that "disease" causes colony collapse disorder.
Bees HAVE picked up disease from infected hives-that- to bees-don't make the HONEY in those infected (and therefore undefended) hives smell too terrible to take home soon after the hive defenders die.

But the distinctive features of colony collapse disorder include honey so repellent to neighboring bees that they refuse to eat or even approach it.

The neighboring bees may be avoiding repellent chemical fumes because honey production involves concentrating nectar more than sufficiently to concentrate formerly "safe" concentrations of contaminants.
That scenario would explain why colony collapse disorder produces repellent honey that ordinary bee diseases do not produce.

It would also explain why colonies tend not to get colony collapse disorder on "organic" properties where pesticides are not permitted.

Although the "pesticide theory" does explain both of the above
the "rival theories" do not explain either.

I believe that the "rival theories" are popular because chemicals are...

And because the "Chemical Lobbies" are politically powerful...

And because some people dislike change sufficiently to prefer junk science.