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Giantspiders.com (www.giantspiders.com)


Oct 22, 2002


Hi all,
I wanted to Add Guy Tansley to this list of online Tarantula suppliers. I have now had a few dealings with Guy and he is an excellent person to deal with. He is fair, his prices are good, and his spiders arrive in good health.

Regards Tracey


Old Timer
Feb 18, 2003

I contacted Guy about some Aphonopelma sp. spiderlings he had fro sale. These were a blue colour form of Aphonopelma seemanni - Guy is selling them as Aphonopelma sp. "Guatemalan Blue" to keep the bloodlines seperate incase it turns out to be a new species or colour variant. The asking price was £4 per spiderling so I ordered two - one each for me and the Mrs

Good Points
Guy is a very good bloke to deal with. His knowledge of tarantulas and spiders in general is thorough and he is passionate about his hobby. His website in particular is well worth checking out.
The spiders were packed and sent promptly (one day after emailing) and arrived safely the next day.
If anything they were over-packed - small film canisters with a spiderling in each, padded with tissue. The canisters were packed side by side in a box padded out with styrofoam and thoroughly taped up.
As for the money, I haven't even posted his cheque yet! Top marks, it doesn't get a lot better than this

Bad Points
None. Seriously. If I wanted to be picky as hell I'd say that the spiderlings were smaller than I had expected, but seeing as we never discussed size I cannot complain.

I thoroughly recommend Guy as a seller to anybody wanting a healthy, well-priced tarantula.