Giant Snakes


Nov 27, 2019
What’s your point?
My point is that super dwarfs are not always super dwarf!! I thought my post was quite clear. To help you understand, unless you know 100% that both parents of a super dwarf retic were pure locality, from the same locality, and not crossed with other localities.
There are, off the top of my head, only 3 island locality retics that are deemed to be true super dwarfs. The bother island localities are dwarf, which are upto 13 to 15 feet. Mainland retics are then the giants.
Any "super dwarf" that is a morph is NOT genetically super dwarf. They all have mainland influence in their genetics. Those genes can switch on and lead to a snake much larger than expected.
My point is, unless you absolutely know the origin of the parents of the snake, then don't assume that just because its called super dwarf that it will stay small.


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Dec 8, 2006
My point is, unless you absolutely know the origin of the parents of the snake,
That goes without saying, I thought that was common sense. Clearly there are people who don't know this.


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May 25, 2021
even the dwarf localities (Jampea, Selayar, etc) are still significantly smaller than mainland retics - I’ve also not heard of any *pure* dwarf localities reaching 15 feet - perhaps if they were crossed with a mainland and overfed possibly but i don’t think 15 accurately reflects the averages of the dwarf localities - at least not in the wild anyway

also in addition to locality and feeding - parental genetics also play a significant role in the overall development of the snake - which is to say, it’s not necessarily all about the percentage

in fact, in some species, even small amounts of dwarf DNA can produce dramatically smaller animals eg: pure dwarf Burms range from 6 feet on average for smaller localities and a max of 8.2 for the bigger localities and thus, my Burm who is 75M/25D and who is being fed on a moderated diet will more than likely be significantly smaller than pure mainland males despite only have 25% dwarf DNA

a snake 10-13 is a giant snake however in comparison to the mainland versions of their species the effects of insular dwarfism are still p clear imo