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Aug 8, 2005
Meet Artu. He is possibly the largest of his breed I have encountered. At a guess, around 30 inches tall at the shoulder and around 120 to 130 lbs. He is also a brown long hair which makes it hard to guess his weight and somewhat a rare animal.

He is also weird. He's moody and a bit grumpy, That's not weird. He has taken a liking to me. That's not too weird.
He's the owner of the couple who in turn own the business my wife works at. For reasons known only to Artu, he got it into his head that when I'm not around he must defend my wife to the death. This is a small problem as she has customers going into her office all day long.

IE: NO!! DON'T COME IN! WAIT A MINUTE AND I'LL COME OUT! every few minutes. Nothing will dissuade Artu. When he escapes his humans it's zap to my wifes office to occupy about 1/3 of the floor space and give anyone who gets near the open door the evil eye.
And the other little problem with Artu is he farts. A LOT. And his farts could knock a buzzard off a poop wagon.