[Warning] Gerald(Gerry) LaValette

Florida PI

Sep 12, 2023
This guy has been posting on Petbugs.com, the ATS site and Tarantulas.com. I don't believe he has posted here yet.

Here is the story. Gerry posted a few different messages claiming to have a wholesale list and to e-mail him for the list. I did so. I went over the list of 60 sp. and saw several interesting sp. that I told him I was interested in. I have seen wholesale lists before and I usually know basically what goes for what. He seemed a little cheaper then most but not by too much. He gave me his terms for payment, money orders only, which always should be a red flag.

I told him I needed references before I sent any payment and he sent me 1 e-mail address which never help and 2 names and numbers. The first guy I talked to was a guy named Ken S. I only talked for a few seconds and the story I got from him did not sound right so I moved on to the next phone number.

I then called the other person, someone that posts here but is kinda new. I won't post his name now but to me he sounded like he really might be telling me the truth. He says he ordered 1 t from Gerry and he got it fine. No real problem with this person unless he's in on something. I would guess he may have gotten the single t from Gerry.

I have seen first hand it before where people sell a single t to one or two people, ask for good reviews then post a big list with some high $$$ t’s, try and score big then vanish. If you remember “Doc” from a few months ago he did this same thing.

Ok back on track. I told Gerry that I wanted to buy a certain 4 t’s that came to $296 with shipping. He then sent me a type of contract…???..... through e-mail. I still have a copy of this and all of his past e-mails. He asked me to sign saying I agree to purchase so and so and mail it to him with a money order. He said he would send me a signed copy. He then would sent me my t’s.

By now my spidey senses are really going off. I have not signed anything or sent any payment. I don’t really want to post how I made this next connection and give it away how I caught him but here is what I found out.

The first reference Gerry sent me was Ken S. I found out from my own sources this guy is Ken Scott. I later found out Gerry has the same address as Ken Scott. I also found out Gerry has the same home phone as Ken Scott. Sound funny??? Hell yea!!!

At best this guy is using himself as a reference(WTF?), lying and putting out false information. I believe he was and still is planning more then just that. I believe that if I had sent money I would have never seen my money again. You decide.

Ken Scott is Gerald's Husband.
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