geo mating attempt


Old Timer
Jun 8, 2006
Got a couple newly adult fems and a couple males that I raised from the billion geo sacs I have had to deal with.
Thought I'd give a pairing a try. Been up all night and about to crash so I probably wont be around to confirm any kinky activities...let alone photograph it. But, I was able to snap some shots off that are as interesting(IMO) as the sex and possible spousal abuse.

Adult(?) male hangin with the female ...feeding ...and even boldly defending his "right" to some of the food.

First the man of the hour...
From his behavior ..along with his "look and feel", I will put my bet down that he is mature.

and the lovely girl...

Ive witnessed hesp males feeding on a females kill post mating, but this was a new treat to see...

Missed the shot, but while she was attempting to bat him away, he bit her leg!! :Rockon:
She actually stopped pushing him around for a round and gave him another go at the roach...

Shes free to leave ...all she has to do is wait til I'm not looking. :)

Im about to pack it up...but hopefully he will continue the show. He has displayed all the usual signs of a mature male ready and wanting. But the difference is his seemingly "slow-hand" approach. ...currently he is just comfortably hangin' with her while she feeds.