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Genus Dolomedes

Discussion in 'Other Spiders & Arachnids' started by syndicate, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. cogmonkey17

    cogmonkey17 Arachnopeon

    Wild Dolomedes spp.

    probably tenebrosus


    These are not wild, just an up close photo of my CB D. tenebrosus that i released

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  2. i have both D.tenbrosus and scriptus in my area. the way i tell the difference that was taught to me by a Misouri entomologist was tenebrosus are darker and scriptus have the same patterns but lighter and grayish almost white. also the individuals that i have found seem to be slightly smaller and a tad less aquatic.
  3. bhoeschcod

    bhoeschcod Arachnobaron Old Timer

    thanks for the care sheet:)
  4. Dolomedes okefinokensis

    My female Dolomedes Okefinokensis. And carolina wolfs.

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  5. I recently (about two months ago), found and captured a Dolomedes Tenebrosus (Dark Fishing Spider). She laid an egg sac about three weeks ago. Does anyone know how long it takes for the sac to hatch? Also when will she put it down? lol, she has not even tried to make a nursery web yet. I changed her habitat yesterday, hoping more sticks and hidey holes would prompt her to find somewhere safe to put it down. Also, what should I do with it. My roomates would not be happy if they hatched while I was at work one day (her Terrarium has holes in the top that the little guys could fit through.) I kinda want to keep three to see if I could raise them but I don't want any getting loose in the house. Any suggestions? I'll post pics of her later. :)
  6. BlueEther

    BlueEther Arachnopeon

    I stumbled across this thread and thought I would necromance it with a couple of wild spiders. I'm thinking of keeping maybe a D. aquaticus in the coming year.
    a small D. aquaticus in almost still peat stream on a walkway

    Large D. aquaticus


    another D. aquaticus


    D. dondalei (only formally described in 2010)

    another D. dondalei (the net is about 160mm across - 6 in)

    Typical D. dondalei habitat

    Typical D. dondalei and D. aquaticus habitat

    More typical D. aquaticus habitat

    D. aquaticus prefer open stream/rivers but there is some crossover

    Full sized images can be found here:
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