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Discussion in 'Online Seller/Buyer/Breeder Reviews' started by carlton1977, Nov 20, 2012.

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    I bought from Mike get communication. Shipping was fast and packing was great!
    Mike thanks again.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2012
  2. roaddog

    roaddog Arachnoknight

    I got a nice juvenile tarantula from GAHERP. Shipped fast and packed well, since the box took some abuse and it made it safely.

  3. Meezerkoko

    Meezerkoko Arachnoknight

    I can not say enough about how awesome Mike was! First of all, I wanted to buy a B. vagans from him, and after talking he learned from me that I like to handle so he suggested that instead of the bigger vagans he had he'd sell me the slightly smaller one that was nicer. So we went with that, and I wanted to do priority shipping, he had no problem with this but since it was March we waited til Monday (04/08/13) to ship due to weather. Well he initially was going to send me a P. irminia sling (which he was nice enough to clear with me first to make sure I was up for one), but because of the delay actually ended up including a second freebie! A lovely 1.5" C. fasciatum! So I ended up with freebies who's combined value ended up being more than I paid for the vagans in the first place! His packing was great too. Everything was happy and healthy when it got to me. Oh and everything was also really well behaved. I think he trains his T's to be polite when they meet someone ;)

    On top of that he had great communication, to the point that we were having conversations. I could not recommend Mike @ GaHerp any more highly than I do. Don't hesitate to buy from him!!!!!
  4. xenesthis

    xenesthis Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Just finished up a trade with Mike. Excellent communications, packing, quality stock and overall excellent transaction. I think this breeder is going to have great success in the future and lots of happy customers and hobbyists that he has done trades with. Highly recommended! :)
  5. Oreo

    Oreo Arachnocookie

    Positive! Easy review to write. Gaherp shipped out the T without delay and threw in a cool freebie. He also packed the T well and the heat pack was still warm. I look forward to many more transactions, thanks!
  6. MrBoom619

    MrBoom619 Arachnoddicted

    A++++!!!! This was my first time ever purchasing a T involving shipping. This transaction was flawless and communication was on the money! To top it off, I had an issue with identity theft and explained this to Mike as my new card was going to arrive 3 days after Mike posted his ad. Not only did Mike held the T for me until my card arrived... he also sent me a free sling and sent a truck load of isopods for dirt cheap. He shipped as soon as he received payment and the packing was perfect with the heat pack still warm after the 3 day journey. I definitely look forward to doing more business with Mike and HIGHLY recommend his services! Thanks again Mike for 2 beautiful T's, a perfect transaction, and for helping me conquer my fear of buying T's and having them shipped!

    100% POSITIVE REVIEW!!! =)
  7. I just received an adult female P. Cancerides from Mike for a breeding project. Mike was awesome to deal with. His communication was excellent as were his prices. The carrier delayed a day and Mike kept in constant contact with me to make sure my girl was safe and healthy. I definitely recommend doing business with Mike and I can't wait to deal with him again.
  8. MrDeranged

    MrDeranged He Who Rules Staff Member

    Gaherp's new reviews can be found here.
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