G.rosea landscaping....


Oct 10, 2010
soooo, I redid my rosea cage today, changed the substrate to the ground up cocoshell stuff that is very similear to dirt, you know the stuff that you reconstitute from a brick and then dry out?

Well, I had enough in there to again make a borrow/hide for him as I have seen him use it before but also enough so that he could stretch out and sun bath like he also likes to do.....buttt when I put him in his cage this time, he did some new things....I have had him for a year, and have adjusted his cage before but in previous instances I used a substrate called cocosoft and he seemed to not mind it. It was dry and pretty soft and he moved it here and there but seemed pretty uncaring about it....in the new substrate however he completely filled in the half borrow I set up and made mounds of powered coco fiber everywhere and almost looking like he may make his own burrow....

I guess its not too uncommon for a rosea to turn into an excavator, but I have to admit that most of the time he is pretty lethargic except when hungary...it was certainly a surprise...

AH! sooo funny...just now went to open up the top of the burrow(a cut in half plastic flower pot that I buried) and he went to attack the chop stick i used....apparently he liked his version of the set up better then mine....lol