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G. Pulchra - price and other questions.

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by LadySharon, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. LadySharon

    LadySharon Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Ok... I've wanted one of these for awhile now... but as I'm still new I really don't want to spend alot for something I may accidently kill.

    I have two roseie slings and one bohemi (sp?) sling.

    I've been waiting for somone at the local exotic pet store to breed their spider(s) but... no such luck so far.

    Now that store Has a spider that I think is about 2.5". I held my thumb up to the glass and mesured that way... It is defenatly over 2". but I don't think it hits 3".

    I can't recall the price now... it's eather 79 or 89. for some reason 80 sticks in my head but I have a feeling that means it was 89.

    It is a bit bigger then I'd like... but when I did a search of the breeders on here (went to the forum and just went to each page of about 12 different online breeders) I found 2 adults and one juvie (1.5 for 60 bucks).

    so my big question is ... is the price between 80 and 90 for around a 2.5 (sling? juvie?) pulchra a good price... and two .... if I get this spider... I have a container that is 6" in diamiter by about 6" tall that has holes spaced around the top (like 1/8" holes) I bought it orginaly to house a baby snake... but ended up useing something else.

    If I fill this with about 3 to 4 " of peat moss can I use it?

    This is basicatly what it is:

    with a snap on lid.

    Thanks for any help

    - Sharon
  2. that container should be good. The question about getting, Pulchras are relatively rare, but i would recommend getting from a breeder, pet stores are notorious for having subpar animals for sale.
  3. LadySharon

    LadySharon Arachnoknight Old Timer

    ok I admit htis annoys me. In fact I was thinking of printing some of the opeions on pet stores on here and giving them to this store

    This is not petco/petsmart. this is an exotic pet store that specalizes in reptles and insects. They arn't perfect but are way better then petsmart/pet co.

    I hate seeing ALL petstores put down due to places like petco/petsmart.

    I may be wrong here but I aloso thought many of the breeders in the breeder section HAD their own store as well. All three of the slings I have currently came from this local store.

    - Sharon
  4. sick4x4

    sick4x4 Arachnoprince

    i would invest in a kritter keeper....also the price seems fair..example i paid for a sexed female, about the same size for about 160.00 that was the listed price ...i paid far less but that was because i bought a few...but since these guys take forever to grow getting one that size under a 100 bucks is decent....i would say go for it....
    are you going to LLL??? if so say what up to skillet from wayne...lol anyways
  5. The price isn't terrible considering its a pet shop. That's probably what you would pay if you bought from a dealer and paid for shipping so it's roughly equivalent. But I agree that it really might be worth it to seek out a dealer if you can find one that has them, just to make sure you don't shell out that much money for a sick animal. The container is probably fine but you'll probably want to move up to a larger one after the next molt so it is probably worth your while just to start out in something a little bit larger.
  6. Actually, you'd be surprised, the worst places I've seen were small, non-chain pet stores. They made Petco look like paradise. If this is a specialty store, they may well be better than most. And no, most dealers don't have their own stores; in fact, I know only one that does. There's no real market for it and the overhead would be out of control. Most dealers struggle to make a profit through online sales let alone having to pay the cost of rent and insurance and other good things.
  7. LadySharon

    LadySharon Arachnoknight Old Timer

    And I'm sorry if I sounded harsh here... but that's why I put EXOTIC pet store in the title.

    I was reading this site the other day and seeing negitive after negitive comment about pet stores and started wondering if this was one of the reason's why they have trouble selling the spiders... (other reason being I think most of the people who go there are looking for reptiles)

    Yeah I admit it... I'm defending the store I got my first snakes at and I go there every week for 8 years for food for said snakes... I tend to be a very loyal person.

    - Sharon
  8. LadySharon

    LadySharon Arachnoknight Old Timer

    hmmm... I acctually HAVE quite a few KK... but... I thought they could get their legs caught in the slats? I thought I remembered reading that on here at one time... which is why... lately I see a lot of people recommending them.... I'm like :confused (is that a smilie on here? guess I'll find out.)

    I was planning on asking when my others got larger anyway... what would be a good contaner for an adult spider that did NOT have a slated or screend top... I see a few people talk about 2.5 gal aquariums... but thouse normaly have screened tops right? Maybe I'm parinoid about the slats/screen thing....
    - Sharon
  9. LadySharon

    LadySharon Arachnoknight Old Timer

    oh yeah and lll is where I got the deli cup... I didn't think they sold Ts... shrug

    MindUtopia - ok I stand corrected then... just looking at the sites and a TON of animals on some of them... would make sience that they would have a store... and some posts on here about meeting people sounded like they were meeting them at a store.
  10. sick4x4

    sick4x4 Arachnoprince

    about the pet shop thing??? it all depends???? out here in cali , the few stores i frequent all get their t's from breeders.....2 for sure get their t's from a dealer alot of us buy t's from online and is well respected here on the boards.... sooo its really a catch 22...some places are decent some are not ???just use your better judgement....inquire where they get their t's from and just ask alot of questions, but be prepared lol most of the time though you'll know more then them ...if you dont feel right, then dont do it...
  11. sick4x4

    sick4x4 Arachnoprince

    yeah they do!!!!! they are next to the arrow frogs and chameleons..where you get the roaches and feeder mice....
  12. people promote breeders over petstores for numerous reasons:

    1- usually better selection
    2- quality, yes there are some good petstores, but a breeder specifically deals with only T's (or some other animals as well), but pet stores even though they may be alot better than say petco, that doesnt mean every employee knows perfectly well what to do. There are many petstores that keep great care of their animals, T's included, but for something rare and expensive I would rather go to someone who is specific with that animal
    3- Lastly, sometimes the T's are wildcaught in petstores, which most like to avoid.
  13. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Not bad for a 3" G. pulchra - esp. from a pet store where the overhead is usually higher. Plus, you're not paying shipping, which would just about even the price out if you bought it online.

    Actually, PetCo and PetSmart are probably better than most privately-owned petstores, on average. I've visited many petstores in many different areas (I always look out for them when I travel) and by far the worst ones are almost always the privately-owned small ones.

    Nope. Most just have a website that they sell from. Some have a completely different "day job."

    Just saying that it's an exotic store doesn't mean anything. I've seen many "Exotic" pet stores that know very little about invertebrates - in fact, most don't! They may be more knowledgable about snakes, hamsters, etc., but typically just keep a few tarantulas on hand and don't know much about them.

    Having said that, the fact that your pet store has a G. pulchra, a rarer species, is an indication that it could be one of the few good ones. I've seen a very small number of pet stores that take excellent care of their animals and seem to have at least adequate knowledge of tarantulas. If yours is one of them - wonderful! We need more out there like that.

    However, you can't blame people for assuming the worst automatically.
  14. LadySharon

    LadySharon Arachnoknight Old Timer

    ok. :):

    they acctually had some rare ones going for 1k there... I think they ended up lowering the price though until someone bought it... online the same T went for 800-1k.

    Can't remember what it was now.

    anyway.. . any comment on the Kk or screened tops? I have a few 10x6x8 (8 high)

    Of course I have cats too... so it would be in a KK in a 10 gal. In the future I would need containers that I could stack in a 10gal... so I could put 3 or 4 T's in there... (container within containr... I do that with my baby snakes now)

    The slings currently are on a shelf on my entertainment center... I can't describe it very well... just say the cats can't get to this area. :) but the shelf wouldn't hold a KK... it would hold the container I mentioned above though.

    - Sharon
  15. IguanaMama

    IguanaMama Arachnoangel Old Timer

    Regarding the deli cup, I would look for something better. I once had one buckle under the weight of me trying to put the cover back on, almost crushing the spider. They are kind of flimsy. Also, the cover eventually bends out of shape and / or tears from taking it on and off. And it's a bit of an ordeal getting it on and off, it disturbs the spider. They are meant as temperary homes, not long term. Maybe look for a display case, like the kind meant to hold beanie babies. They sell them at the Container Store. They also look nicer. Better to show off your pretty spider. They don't cost much either....
  16. LadySharon

    LadySharon Arachnoknight Old Timer

    IguanaMama - yeah I was thinking of something like that for the future.. but... I tryed to find them at mikeales (ok I KNOW I'm spelling that wrong... hope you know what I mean) because many people on here said they found them there.. but they didn't have any.

    I'm in colorado.... is the Container Store online... or do they have retail shops?

    Also I am completley INCAPEABLE of putting holes in these things.... they MUST come with air holes already.

    I remember someone on here was asking about a market for buying some without holes... putting holes in them and reselling them... I would personaly buy them if they wern't too much more then the shop. I mean I'd explect to pay some for labor... but wouldn't want to pay 50 bucks for what was orginally a 5 dollar container.
    - Sharon
  17. becca81

    becca81 Arachnoemperor Old Timer

    Go to PetSmart and get a medium KK - you'll be all set. :)
  18. LadySharon

    LadySharon Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Becca... I mentioned this earlyer but I bet it got buryed... :) I HAVE several KKs. I normaly use them for snake transport to the vet... anyway... the med size one I have is 5.5" by 10" by about 8" high.

    Would that work? though eventually when my slings are older I'd like containers whre I could stack them in a 10 gal. Which may mean having to pay someone to put holes in them.

    What would be a good size for a 2.5" T... and a good size for an adult? (say 4 to 5" T?)

    Just for future reference. :)
  19. Windchaser

    Windchaser Arachnoking Old Timer

    Medium Kritter keeper would work for the smaller size and a large Kritter Keeper will work for the adults. A good rule of thumb for terrestrial tarantulas is that there enclosure should be twice their leg span wide, three times their leg span long and deep enough to contain between four and six inches of substrate. More is OK. Less is not so good. Also, you will want to limit the height of the enclosure from the top of the substrate to the top of the enclosure to be about equal to their leg span. This helps to prevent any injuries should it fall.
  20. LadySharon

    LadySharon Arachnoknight Old Timer

    Thanks. :)

    I have yet another question. When I said I was incapible of putting holes in things I was thinking of drilling or punching.

    I DO have a wood burner that I bought years and years ago when I was trying out other crafts. I think you can use it as a soldering iron as well. Just the tip gets hot.

    Can I use that to melt holes in say large tuppa ware /rubbermaid containers?
    Or should I not even try it?

    I'd like to try to get a container without the sloping sides of the KK.

    - Sharon
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