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He Who Rules
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Jul 16, 2002
I'm sitting in the chat room, chatting with the people who did show up ;) when my father-in-law comes running into the room terrified. "Scott, one of your centipedes escaped!!!" "Jack, there's no way any of my centipedes escaped" as I get up to check the tanks and make sure everyone is safe in their homes. "Jack, they're all in their tanks." "Well, it's huge and it's crawling up my wall" So I run down there and what do I see? A little, 1 1/2 inch tops, Lithobius sp. centipede crawling on the wall. I run back upstairs and find a nice 32oz deli cup and grab it and my trusty paint brush and jog back downstairs. Climb up a step stool and scoot it into the deli cup. I then proceeded to chase my father in law around with the cup going "Look Jack, it's tiny. I'll save it just for you." After about 5 minutes of this, I went back upstairs with my new find and fed it two small crickets which it promptly devoured. It's still sitting there on my kitchen counter waiting for my father in law to come up for his morning coffee :D



I bet he is going to freak out if he sees it huh. I have done stuff just like that, but realy made them freak, I use snakes, at school just 2 years ago. Well lets just say my teachers and my hole calss was scared to death except for one girl( suprising as it sounds isn't it) of a harmless black racer.



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Jul 19, 2002
Yeah, it's not something you're supposed to do, but woh can resist teasing someone who's scared of them every once in a while?

I still laugh my ass off when I hide around the corner waiting for my mom with a nice big king snake in my hand.

Or putting my rosie on her lap.

Although I don't dare to do the latter anymore..I'm worried she'll fling it across the room