Fruit Fly Cultures....Help


Old Timer
May 9, 2003
Hey I need help with raising fruit flies. If you see my arach posts, I got some baby jumping spiders coming out and I gotta grow these guys to feed my jumpers. Um, I found a bit out like what they eat, rotten stuff, but other than that I mean...

How rotten does the fruit get until its unediable even to the flies?
What can I use to catch them, they have wings?
I got a large jar.

Any other info will be useful. Thanks for anyhelp that can be given.

Code Monkey

Old Timer
Jul 22, 2002
If you're serious about trying to culture fruit flies, invest the money in getting some media mixture with anti-fungals already in it along with some starter cultures of wingless fruitflies. That or suck up the price and just buy cultures.

Trying to get a steady supply of wild fruit flies using natural media is going to be more headache than its's worth.

Ed's Flymeat Inc. is one place that has been recommended several times. He carries media and other culturing supplies.

Fluker farms has smaller but high quality cultures that I've used in the past.