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Found a scorpion?

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by maria081880, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. maria081880

    maria081880 Arachnopeon

    I found a little scorpion on a piece of tape inside my Sorry game box lol..it was still alive. i thought it was a spider at first but then i noticed pinchers in the front like a scorpion..but it doesnt have a tail. but its shaped like a scorpion when i held a magnifier up to it and stuff..i saved him from the tape and i got him in wanna my spider cages and threw small cricket legs in there ..i put paper towel down in it no dirt or anything just until i know what he is..hes too small to take pics of but im gonna see if i can here in a bit. Im wondering if maybe its tail fell off..cuz its not shaped like a ...tailless whip scorpion? not sure these arent my domain..im a spider person :p..hes really really small o.o but i thought maybe i could try and get him to eat cricket legs and see if ican keep him long enough so hed grow and then i would know..but anyway...just figured id share and perhaps get tips on how to raise something that small.
  2. Rue

    Rue Arachnoknight

    Could it be a pseudoscorpion?

    If so, they stay tiny...
  3. maria081880

    maria081880 Arachnopeon

    you know what...lol...thats exactly what it looks like. thats pretty cool thanks. would he eat what im giving him?..i dont even know how to go about watering him..for my baby spiders i use qtips and stick em in the dirt o.o
  4. Rue

    Rue Arachnoknight

    They eat small inverts such as bark lice (psocids). Wingless fruit flies or anything small like that is probably fine.

    Not sure if they get enough water from their food or not, but when in doubt, maybe try misting a leaf, or something else in their cage 2-3X a week. I'm not certain of their humidity requirements, but I think they're okay with it being fairly dry. We have them and we live a 'cold desert' type environment...quite arid (well, not this year or last year, but mostly...)
  5. maria081880

    maria081880 Arachnopeon

    lol hopefully he sticks around for awhile hes so cool :p thanks for the help
  6. i've heard of them eating small ants, that might be a good idea too.
  7. maria081880

    maria081880 Arachnopeon

    lol cool that would be easier yet for me
  8. signinsimple

    signinsimple Arachnobaron

    I wouldn't try feeding him an ant even half his size. Ants are tough as nails and from what you're saying, he doesnt even have a stinger.
  9. John Bokma

    John Bokma Arachnobaron Old Timer

    Pseudoscorpions have venom in their claws.
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