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Found a cool bug today. What the hell is it?


Old Timer
Feb 13, 2007
I was sitting in the car today, and the sun was bright. I moved my visor down and PLOP out fell a strange beetle-ish bug onto my lap. He road there all the way home, and then took an adventure in a coffee cup while I set up a critter keeper thing for him.

No clue what this is? Way cool bug... It looks like it could have a shell with wings under like a ladybug... and it has back legs that look like a cricket. Almond shaped body... It is brown and mustard colored with a cool pattern on the back.

Any ideas?

It is currently on the TOP of the critter keeper thing. hanging upsidedown.

What the hell do I feed this thing? Is it possible to keep it? Is it just going to die...? What the hell is it?!

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Old Timer
May 12, 2006
Looks like an Assassin bug of some type.

Around here when I find them in nature, they eat soft bodied caterpillars. They pierce the body wall and suck them dry. So maybe small wax worms or grain moth larvae?

Here are pics I took of a type of Assassin bug called a Wheel Bug on our oak tree last summer. It was gorging on these invasive caterpillars that were defoliating the oak tree. I had at least 20-30 of these Wheel Bugs having a good ole time.



Old Timer
Feb 13, 2006

a hemip for sure some can give ya a decent bite so watch urself bye-croc-ee