Foster Critters - Who Else Has 'Em?


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Jul 8, 2007
Just curious as to if anyone else on this board has or currently does foster animals. I've worked with a variety of shelters and protection groups over the years and have had the immense pleasure of fostering a wide range of species, all ages and health conditions. To date, I've fostered everything from neo-natal kittens, puppies, and rabbits, to 4' iguanas, leopard geckos, and garter snakes, to parrots, ducks, and chickens - with plenty of smaller furry critters inbetween. Oh, and as part of my own fish rescue, an abundance of fish. Presently all of my fosters are fish; two plakat males, one veil tail female, and one veil tail male I'll probably keep for myself since he has special needs.

Here's a few pics of some recent foster kids; no big furries I'm afraid as those are film rather than digital photos. Please post yours and your stories! I'd love to hear 'em.

Female leopard gecko. Her owner was trying to rehome them (her and a male red stripe leppie) before moving to no avail, and was going to have to turn them over to animal control. I agreed to take in as fosters, and have placed both.

One of two hamsters, abandoned in poor repair at a local pet store. I took both, treated, and found homes.

12 common goldfish babies, unable to be cared for by their owner. Placed with a great owner who custom-built them a massive pond!

One of many bettas I've placed. Most of my bettas are surrendered to me from a few pet stores I have agreements with if they are ill, deformed, etc. Post recovery, healthier and more adoptable specimins are re-homed, and I have a consistent capacity of 50 5g tanks available to up to 50 residents.


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Jul 15, 2007
That's really awesome that you do this kind of stuff. There needs to be more people like you around! Aaand i wish to be one of them... did you start this on your own or do you have a liscense or anything?


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Jul 31, 2006
I think it's very cool that you foster Exotics.. not many do.

I don't foster as many as I rescue, rehab and give sanctuary. I have a few permanent family members here...

Joob was dying.. or being killed... in a local Petco, and the mgr. asked me to take her on.

Rufus was living in a PetDumb for so long.. 20+ months... I had to get him out of there. He died here, of old age... free ranging and TLC on a daily basis.

Hugo was being eaten... literally.. by the crickets that were meant to be his meal. The "feed store" mgr. told me, "take him and save him!"

Val, Jabb, Lucille and Lucky were all rehomed with me due to their previous owner moving across country.. all of a sudden.

Yabissa was saved from a terrible fate... the breeder said, "it's a freak and I'm gonna feed it to something bigger cuz of its conjoined twin clutchmate"

Maleekah was abandoned at the local Petco and accused of being a vicious biter... my ear is in terrible danger in this pic!

Grundo is yet another Petco victim that mgmt. asked me to "do something with" ...he was MM and passed last month, naturally. (The pic quality is partially due to his accurate aim with those hairs... see bald butt)

Three Firebellied toads were abandoned at a local herp shop that I frequent. The jerk left them on the doorsteps of the store before they were even opened up. (Pic quality is due to my lack of skills and my camera LOL)

WoHi, the wonder pigeon... lives through car collisions, escapes the scalpel of over-zealous Vets, and rules our garage with an IRON BEAK!

I think that's everyone. If not, don't tell them I forgot them and I will see another day, hopefully. :D


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Mar 13, 2007
The foster exotics I've got right now include:
A salamander that my cousin caught and then gave to me
Two leopard geckos from my 8th grade homeroom teacher

In the past I've been given:
A baby albino hedgehog from my lunch lady (her's had given birth)
A really mean brown basilisk*
A couple of anoles/house geckos* both form an aquatiance who didn't want them any more.
~ Rex


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Nov 26, 2006
I took care of a leopard gecko that used to belong to a friend for a few years until I found a good home for her, I also rehabilitated a leopard gecko that was badly dehydrated and had at least 7-8 layers of skin stuck over her face/extremities. she had lost and entire hand and all the claws on the hands she has left before I took her in. One of my roomates now takes care of her and named her "Peggy" :p. Since the geckos were given to a close friend/roomate, I still get to see them quite often ^_^.

My two adult G. roseas were also adopted from a friend who was in turn fostering them... I'm not looking for homes for these two, they've found a permanent home with me.

Also have 2 turtles, which my Dad adopted from a friend after they got too big for her. My brother now takes care of one and I take care of the other :D

My ball python was sold to a local petstore after the owner got bored of him. The store knew I was looking for a ball python so they held him for me. Not sure if that really counts as a foster animal though.

I'll post some pics later, at work right now.