for u youngsters havomg probs with parents


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Jun 16, 2003
i wonder what my room mates are going to say when i sneak 3 more t's in my room haha. you should have seen my one room-mate's face when i told him that aquarium on my bedroom floor was for a tarantula ;P


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Jun 11, 2003
I think the best way to convince a parent is to show them a lot of interest in the hobbies, talk a lot with them (I know is very hard to a teen, I was there ones :) ), and do not fight them (they will be more comprenssive if you teach them about Ts insted of fighting them)

I know this is hard, is not a day to another way. But you can take it like a psicology proyect: "how manipulate my parents to get more Ts" maybe the first few days will be dificult, but thats the better way to get what you want (my brother always got what he want because he was very manipulator and never fight)



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Aug 5, 2003
my first... 1984-ish

I was in my early teens, don't recall exactly how old, when I got my first T. I asked if I could get one, since I was already addicted to aquatics and wanted to branch out. Folks said no, dad being freaked out by snakes and such...

Being the rebellious little b@$t@r!) I was, I simple emptied one of my dresser drawers, lined it with a plastic trash bag thumb tacked neatly around the top rim, put push pins no the interior very near the top to support the piece of glass I'd had cut to fit neatly inside as a viewing lid with about 1/16th to 1/8th inch of a gap for air to pass. I used reptile sand for substrate, put a nice little water bowl in there and proceded to buy my first T. :}

It was a G. rosea of about 4" legspan, erroniously sold to me under the name "skeleton tarantula". :mad: I later saw a pic of an actual skeleton T which looked nothing like mine of course, and griped to the petstore owners who promptly appologised and informed me that it was a dealer mislebelling problem and my T was actually a "feather tarantula"! :confused: Eventually I found out what I had and never spent money in that store again!:rolleyes:

I don't know how long I got away with it, but it was a matter of months before my mother discovered it while trying to put away some clean socks.

Needless to say she freaked, but when they learned that I'd had it in there for that long already and examined the setup and saw that there was no way it could escape without me doing something stupid like leaving it wide open, they gave in and let me keep it. Of course they wanted info on it to ensure it wasn't going to get me put in the hospital if I got bit and such, and since they knew I had a habbit of catching rattlesnakes while hiking in the local hills they firgured it was a much safer pet than some of the things I could have snuck in! :D By that time I'd learned what it actually was if memory serves, and was able to assure them in all honesty that it was pretty harmless.


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Aug 7, 2003
Research helps!

I wanted my first tarantula when I was three. Mom and Dad said no. I asked again when I was five. Needless to say, my mom and dad were not too happy. Only now, I knew more about tarantulas. I asked my mom if we could read books about tarantulas. The more my mom learned the more she though about saying yes. Mom helped me get my facts together so I could go to my dad and explain to him why I should have one. I had been keeping Nephila that we caught and I explained to my dad that the tarantula I wanted was just as safe. The problem with Nephila is that they only live six months. I wanted a spider that would live a long time and that I could study whenever I wanted to.

Finally, my dad said yes! I was so happy! =D

My mom and dad said I could have *one* tarantula.
It is four years later and I have 40 of them! ;P

And that's not counting the G. pulchra spiderlings (from Miss Joy's Serena since my Midnight was the father) I will be getting soon!



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Jul 20, 2003
Originally posted by ACoopBB24
hey i have 7 T's right now and im 15..... and my parents look pretty furm on NO MORE T'S! i may try to work on them some more though....this stuff is so addicting its unbelievable.

i have a bunch of burrowers and terrestrials and id love to start with some a pink toe or versicolor......then move on to something like a Togo.....but ive heard that they have a kinda nasty until i get out of the house and my twin bro and sis arent there...then i can kiss the Togo goodbye....there is always college;P
I agree with you how addicting they only 15 too..