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for kids: a larger-than-life 3-d look at the spider


Old Timer
Jul 18, 2002
by luise woelflien with illustrations by tomo narashima.

this is an awesome book for kids. when you open this book, a giant mexican red knee pouncing on a cricket pops out at you. this book not only features info about tarantulas, but other arachnid faves such as the trapdoor spider (you make the spider pop out of its hide), the orb weavers, jumping spiders, and much more.

since the book is geared toward kids, the text is easy to read and understand, and it includes both the common and scientific names of the featured spiders. on each page, you are invited to "interact" with the spider by looking at pop-up pictures, or by opening and closing flaps that make the spider move.

i found my copy at barnes & noble and shelled out a mere $12.95 for this very cool and colorful book.