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Fluker Farms (http://www.flukerfarms.com/)


Old Timer
Aug 13, 2002
Fluker Farms

Hi all,
Well, this was a doosey. I placed an order for crickets, from Fluker, online. I gave them my parent's address, as I didn't want the cricks outside.
They sent the order, except to my old address, from 4 years ago, an apartment. I called and left a message, and sent a email, as my parent's address is frequently mis-spelled, and not copied right.
The next day, my mom received a call, to clarify the address. "The order would be shipped immediately," they said .
This morning, I get a testy email stating that because I wrote an email AND called, I would be sent a double order, and would be charged for one of them. This person then went on to state I only need to notify once. (I did) There is nothing that states this, on their website.
The order(s) get here today, and it was still wrong. They sent 4 week old crickets, instead of 2 weeks. So, being as I have juvie and bigger slings, and a young Leo Gecko, I'll be chopping.
Despite the fact that Fluker has robust, longlived crickets, I'll not shop there again.


Old Timer
Apr 12, 2003
Well, I ordered crickets from Fluker for the first time. I ordered 250 pin heads and 250 med. sized, and a jar of those orange cubes.

I work most days all day, so I wanted them delivered to my office. I gave them my office address. I made the order on a Tuesday. I told them that I wouln't be in on Wens. so to wait to ship them so that they would arrive Thursday. They said ok, and I thought everything was alright.

About an hour after I placed the order, I got an email with a tracking number. The crickets arrived at my office on Wens. and a co worker called me at home to let me know. So I went down and picked them up. All in all it turned out ok, I got my crickets and no one was worse for the ware, but it really irritated me that they went ahead and sent them to arrive on Wens. after I told them I wouldn't be here to get them.

If you need them delivered on a certain day of the week, don't order from Flukers. If you work at home, go ahead. They do NOT do well with special shipping needs.

I won't be ordering again.



Old Timer
Aug 27, 2002
I've ordered from Fluker 4 times. The first 3 times went without a hitch, other than the presence of a small wooley pupae stage of some beetle. The quality of the stock and service were both good and the quantity appeared accurate or better. All orders have been for 1,000 1-week old and 1,000 4-week old crickets.

On the 4th order, the 4-week old crickets were fine, but there was no more than 250 1-week old crickets in the order. I sent them an e-mail inquiring if they'd confused my order with another, trying to give them an easy "out", and the response was as follows:

Mr. Black,
Before, we probably had a 20% overcount in the box. That is probably the
difference you saw. The wooly worm is a lardie beetle. Totally harmless to
you reptiles.

A 20% overage on previous orders doesn't account for a 75% shortage on the last one. A simple "We're sorry, we'll credit your account for your next order" would have retained my business. As it is now, I just ordered 1,000 1-week old crickets (to replace the ones I DIDN'T get from Fluker) from one of their competitors.



Old Timer
Nov 21, 2003

I've ordered from Flukers once and had no problems so I then subscribed to their contract service. What a disaster. Spiders in canisters, others all dead and canisters filled with filth made me hesitate to open the tubes, not knowing what I'd find. I opened one tube of pinheads to find some of the largest adults I've ever seen! After that first shipment I had no reason to be satisfied. I've switched to Superwormfarm.com.