First part of Operation T vio is a success!


Dec 21, 2010
I just recieved a MM T vio for a breeding loan today from bothriechis83. PACKING WAS A+++, could not have been more optimal, 50 dram vial, heatpack seperated far enough so as not to cook the little guy, very moist paper toweling and a styrofoam cube within the box and packing to keep him nice and safe.

I have the pictures of him :D, I do believe this is the biggest T vio male I've ever seen! Absolutely gorgeous little guy, I had two before I got my female, Noxy the largest of the two passed away shortly before I could get him out for his 50/50 :(, and Jet my other T vio was only about 3 1/3" long. This guy is well over 4"

This is going to be a fun project :D!!!


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