First OW's

Matt Man

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Jul 4, 2017
Isn't it hilarious when the government thinks it knows better than you
isn't it hilarious when they do? not really....
We could start at the Snakehead, Asian Carp or Pike
Gypsy Moths and Starlings....
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Dec 11, 2005
Another hat in the OBT ring here. My first OW if I remember, raised up from a sling. I won't say there were never any bolts or slappy moments growing up, but she was absolutely one of my favourite spiders way back when. Bought her a mate and bred her when she matured. I certainly won't say anecdotes of my one spider are concrete proof of anything, but from my limited experience I'd side with those who say keep them as terrestrial burrowers. Bolting was much less fraught when it was back towards a tunnel under the cork bark.

(I suppose I was also semi-prepared for fast spiders when two of my first Ts were a pair of Psalmopoeus cambridgei slings. That was probably an equally bad idea, but I was a kid on pocket money and they were cheap...)


Mar 2, 2018
Now note: Most of my OBT rehouses where not too dramatic. The one that was I had already finished the rehouse and should have walked away, but the spider had a bit of webbing and dirt on it from it's old enclosure. I should have let the T deal with it. Instead, since it had gone so easy I said "well let me just get that" That was the bolt. She escaped level one and was hiding under the lip on the outside of Level 2, I still had level 3 (Bath tub) and Level 4 (bathroom)
My OBT is due a rehouse again and for the first time in a while 😂 iv actually not needed any rehousing for a while now so even though iv never had issues in the past I am dreading the excitement slightly! Often though I prefer rehousing my old worlds than my new worlds, Iv rehoused plenty of stirmis and them hairs just drive me mad 😂