First moult!


Jan 2, 2011
So, about a week ago my little G. pulchra, Mort, started refusing food; I thought he looked a little darker than he had, but he was pretty dark anyway, so it's tricky to tell; last night he came down from the sides of his enclosure, where he'd spent most of the last month, and actually went into his hide.

This morning when I went to check on him, I could just about see some very pale legs and slightly bigger shape at the back of his hide. *beams* He's done it! It's a bit hard to see without disturbing him, but from what I can tell so far he looks fine.

It wasn't a huge surprise after all that preparation, but I'm still really pleased. And yes, a little worried: this is the first T to moult in our care. Until he actually comes out to show off the new suit, I won't quite believe that he's okay!