First expo results!!


Nov 29, 2016
As some of you may know, I was planning to visit an expo today. I mainly went for the Ts and scorps, but I was excited for everything. Anywho, there were about 4 T breeders in all (though they all had LOTS of them). Unfortunately, my dad wouldn't let me bring home a G pulchripes because
"That thing is way too big! If that gets out I have to burn my apartment down! I can't even look at it!". Butttt... I did convince him to let me get a G rosea being sold by a bird vendor (it was their son's pet). $25 for everything + the T. It's tank was pretty filthy, and I don't think there's enough substrate. It's nameless for now, and suggestions would be great! I wish there were more expos around here. Supplies are wayyy cheaper!:)

This it it. It was sold as a Rose Hair Tarantula, and I'm pretty sure it's in the Grammostola family, just wanna confirm that it's a rosea.