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Oct 8, 2002
I want to get a arboreal T ,what would be a good starter .I can get a A.versicolor 1cm sling would this be a good one to start with? or is there another to start with that would be easier/better for a first arboreal.


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Jul 19, 2002

There is no cooler or better tempered Avicularia than the versicolor. They require a bit of attention that small though, since they are susceptible to poor ventilation. Make sure her abdomen stays plump, id reccomend only pre-killed food for now, and if you give it space itll make a really nice tube web. Just mind the ventilation.


Code Monkey

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Jul 22, 2002
Versicolor, imo, is a fine starter arboreal. Although you read of people who think they're less hardy than A. avicularia, I've not seen anything to indicate this - I think it's the conditions they're kept in that cause mortality. The perception is aggravated by how many probably start with versicolors as their first arboreal because of their attractiveness and then lose them due to their own inadequate care.

Arboreals require good air exchange and humidity is definitely of secondary importance. I raise small arboreal slings in a wide mouthed baby food jar where the entire top of the lid is cut out and replaced with plastic mesh. I only mist about every 4 days.

As far as starter arboreals in general go, I would start off with some form of Avicularia - slower and more docile than any of the alternatives. Versicolors are easy to come by because they are so popular, but don't rule out good old A. avicularia which can be had for less. You will probably have similar luck with most of the other Avicularia, but they tend to be more expensive than either pinktoes or versicolors.
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