Fire belly skink wound.


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May 30, 2017
I never own this species, but I do know someone who did. There not commonly referred to as "fire belly" skinks, but rather as "fire skinks". From the looks of the size and tail it was most likely wild caught and imported. So first thing you need to do is to go to an exotic veterinarian and get check-up for parasites or anything of that sort because it is from the wild and could've possibly contracted parasites or something harmful when it was still in the wild before it was caught and sold. Normally it's recommended to buy CB (captive bred) specimens to avoid veterinarian expenses and fees.

Feeding these guys can be complicated as they are very, very, very, reclusive. This species are burrowers and one of the only ways my friend had to feed it is to have a food dish with feeders in it. My friend uses small dubia and small lateralis roaches in a food bowl to feed his when he still had it. I can see a food bowl in your enclosure, so you should try different feeders and see if it eats something else. They are quite a lot to care for since they need a humid enclosure and WC (wild caught) specimens don't adapt easily or very well in human captivity. I think the best call is to try something different and also take it to a vet if you really care for its health.


Oct 25, 2014
That's an abscess he neads to be vetted, vet most likey will manually detach the tail above the abscess. Way too thin allmost guarantee parasites. Get him to rep vet asap.. These are hardy energetic hunters it should be eating anything dropped in that enclosure.