Finally! New additions from SEAS + some concerns.


Oct 31, 2016
Finally I have time to make this post (some people from school wanted to go have lunch at the pub and I came home to a food coma, seriously)

RIGHT SO, time for new additions:
Neoholothele incei gold juvie (about 1.3", so if this is a male it could be done growing soon...) "Prompto" I'm actually def. gonna be buying more of these guys and maybe attempt breeding, they're so beautiful looking!

Really bad picture but, Cyriopagopus sp. hati hati sling. This is going for a friend of mine but keeping it while the weather is so cold.

Another bad picture, Avicularia minatrix, again, for my friend.

Lampropelma nigerrimum sling "Noctis", and yes, that's a plastic fork in its sling cup. I have no idea... it came like this already, and it's eaten already so not inclined to move it just yet.

Oh, meet the angry spider, "Ultimecia", Pelinobius muticus. VERY ANGRY. DANGER ZONE, lmao.

All of the slings have eaten small crickets already. :D the N. incei hasn't but I gave him a bigger (normal sized, about the size of its body) cricket so not sure if that's too much or what?? it hasn't struck or killed it yet. The P. muticus hasn't eaten either.

Which leads me to a concern, this little lady (little, I mean, she's only about 3" so a juvenile) has decided that nope, the substrate just won't do and instead is wedged on the top of the cage, where the lid meets the walls (there's a sort of indentation there, just big enough for her to fit). Should I just leave it be? I tried to move her back and was met with a lot of hissing and stricking... I don't wanna bother her but it's a bit of a concern to me if he decides to stay there, when I need to change her water and find a spider on the lid ready to jump at me. BTW substrate is a mix of eco earth and sedge peat, there's about, maybe 4" of substrate atm because I ran out, I'll add more when I get more, since I don't plan to move her out of this enclosure to a bigger one (so this one is really big already).