Finally a male Parabuthus transvaalicus


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Dec 11, 2006
I finally got my male Parabuthus transvaalicus in today. I was surprised at how good a shape he was in considering he had travelled all the way from Switzerland.

I placed him in the 5 gallon tank that also held his new mate. After a couple of minutes of exploring he found her. They immediatly locked claws and proceeded to do the mating dance. They interacted like this for almost an hour. He would grab both of her claws and pull her right up into his face. At other times he would be holding just one of her claws and they would wonder around the tank together. I watched them very closely as I feared aggression. At no time did either one of them try to sting each other, so I felt a little more at ease.

They finally ended up on a flat rock in their tank. He had both of her claws in his claws, pulling her right up to him. All of a sudden he just let go and ran away in the opposit direction. I looked closer and saw what I think was a spermataphore anchored to the rock under where they were wrestling.

Does this sound like a successful mating? I did not see her take anything up into her body, but of course this could have happened while they were wrestling. The spermataphore was located directly under them before he took off.

If the mating was successful how long is their gestation period. Ant advise is truly welcomed.


Brian S

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May 29, 2004
Hello T,
I just did the same thing last night too!! :D
Here are some highlights. Oh btw, gestation can take from 7-10 months IME

Here is the spermataphore