field tarantula-ing


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Apr 3, 2007
so, im lucky enough to live in phoenix az, and i was wondering if anybody had any tips on field tarantula-ing.

ive gone out before in search of geckos, and run across rattlesnakes before, and one time i saw a moulted tarantula skin, so i know theyre out there.

does anybody have tips on actually seeing a T?

any good sites with a list of T's native to the southwest?

edit: i have read the sticky at the top of the forum section, and these are all question i didnt see anwered.
also, what are the restrictions on catching T's from the wild? does anybody recomend it or not? i actually dont have any experience with T's but ive read that the new world species are more mellow and good beginner species.

any and all thoughts are appreciated!

P. Novak

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Sep 12, 2005
One thing to look for is a tarantulas burrow, make sure it has webbing around it or covering it. It looks like a tunnel with webbing going all the way down. Female tarantulas will almost never be out, maybe only except at night. If you go out in the day you can look for burrows and flush them out or dig them out, maybe even lure them out. At night you could possibly find some out of their burrows.

Don't take alot out of their habitat though, judging by where you live Aphonopelma spp. live in your area, and if you remove alot it can take years and years for them to regroup cause of the removal because they grow so slow.

Good luck on your hunt, and have fun.