Few New Boas


Old Timer
May 1, 2004
I got a few new Boa girls recently through various wheelin' and dealin', and thought I'd share some pics of these young ladies.

I picked this six-foot gal up yesterday at my rodent supplier's. Some guy had brought her in to trade for rodents-no history given. She is obviously a BCC, a true "Red-Tail", if not the best-colored one, though I don't know the locale. She looks very much like my first Boa, though, a northern Brazilian BCC that was a Christmas gift from my late grandfather when I was 12.

I picked this little oddity up in NC a couple of weeks ago. She just turned a year old, though she's really tiny. I saw both parents, and cannot account for her strange coloration. Her father is an old Central American BCI, typical dark, "muddy" coloration on top and bright orange-red belly underneath. Her mother is a big, dark Colombian that is het for Kahl-strain albino, but nothing to write home about in terms of coloration herself(typical for hets). There were only four babies in the litter, and 19 slugs(unfertilized eggs). One of the babies was still-born and not well developed. The only male had several spinal kinks and died at the age of six weeks, apparently unable to digest food. He was born with normal coloration, but after his first shed, turned nearly black. The only other survivor, besides the one I got, was also female, and looked like a Hypo Jungle Boa, very abberantly patterned, very little black, really bright pinks and oranges. She was unfortunately sold before I found out about them. My girl only has black on her face and tongue(tongue is spotted with pink and black). The rest of her is chocolate and silver, no black, no red. Some people have suggested that she might be a T-positive albino, but I honestly don't know.
Here she is:

I picked this girl up from the same breeder. She is a two-year-old anery Boa constrictor amaralli, or Bolivian Short-Tailed Boa.

I really had gone up there to pick up a rescue Colombian female(possible Jungle, some interesting pattern abberations, but don't know for sure)that was brought to this breeder by a guy who said he'd found her three years ago, as a baby, in an empty apartment he was renovating, and had her all this time thinking she was a Ball Python! I wound up taking all three home. The rescue is still a bit flighty and is not used to being handled at all, and won't sit still for a photo just yet, but as soon as she calms down a bit I'll try to get some of her.



May 14, 2010
They are gorgeous, PBL! I have very quickly fallen in love with (became obsessed with) Boas. Your little "oddity" is quite interesting and stunning.

Check out my original pair (Elvis and Priscilla). There is a definite difference in their coloration.. more apparent the larger they get. This is a picture a week ago prior to me separating them and putting them in their own tubs.



Aug 22, 2010
That "muddy" boa looks like a CA T+ boa but i have no clue but it's definitely a T positive also the boa in the first pics is a Bcc mix.The last boa is definitely a mix of some sort to.There all beautiful good luck with what ever you do with them.