Female / male wolf spider growth?


Old Timer
Dec 24, 2012
This is strange I have a few hogna carolinensis all three are are the same age and fed equally one is three inches in legspan the other is about 1.5 the 3rd is about 1.25 strange thing is the largest one appears to be a female I don't see any swollen pedipalps yet it's definitely possible that it could be a male meaning it's going to be a big boy usually once they start to show their pedipalps they are two molts away from mature

I once had a male that did this he started showing swollen palps at 3 inches and molted two more times and he ended up being 4.5 inches huge. But this one at 3 inches isn't even showing the signs of a male yet. Normally when I have raised carolina wolfs the females take much longer to mature than the the males this is strange here are some pics below of her and the other two.

The first 3 pics are of the 3 inch spider
The second pic is the one that's around two inches the 3rd is the one that is around 1.5 inches I definitely think the 3rd one is a female she is super slow grower but I can't figure out the largest one anyone have any ideas?